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After looking round for a web based search rank checker solution that will keep an archive of rankings. I decided it’ll probably be easier to develop rank checking software to reside on my server.

I’m after your input, what sort of features would you like to see in a web based search rank checking solution?

Proposed Features:

  • Account > Client > Keyword structure
  • Cron setup to run rank checking at selected intervals
  • Graph rankings over time
  • Download CSV export

Once sorted will look to open it up to the public, but in this blog post i’m hoping to get a few ideas around what if any additional functionality I should look to build in. Things like:

  • Search engine selection. Google, Yahoo, live, local variants (, local variants restricted ( New Zealand only)
  • Competitors rankings along side the selected keywords
  • Number of search results returned
  • Rank checking frequency. Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly or Daily

Your input is valuable for this project.  So please let me know what you’d like to see and try and work it in.

Also if you’re interested in taking it out for a trial run. Drop a comment and I will update you on when it’s stable enough for a trial.

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  • Rob Says:

    I think that a “pr archive” would be a truly great website but also an asset. i’ dont know how you’d go about verifying websites pr though and i was thinking that if you used a robot to do this, then you’d need a pretty complicated script. have you thought about selling a seo service / free service for checking pr on only sites registered to your proposed website?

    great idea. i also had been lookin for a PR arhive.

  • Richard Says:

    Rob: yeah, I had thought of PR. See how things progress and will see how I can try and fit this in.

  • Justin Says:

    let me know when it’s ready for a trial.
    I’m using RankTracker at the mo. Used WebCEO and IBP in the past

  • Ken Says:

    Let me know when it’s ready.
    I have been having a go at ranking NZ blogs (eg. NZ blog ranks – March ‘09).

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