Google AdWords Display URL Policy Hasn’t Taken Effect…yet

According to Google the change in display URL policy was meant to come into effect on the 1st of April 2008. Now its the 4th of April and I am still seeing ads with an invalid display url.

In New Zealand and searching for plumbers

Plumbers AdWords

When clicking through this ad it takes you to “

The display url is missing the .nz, allowing them to run multiple ads for the one keyword. This is what the policy change was to eliminate, wasn’t it?

I’d like to hear your views on this.

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Refferal Spam

Refferal Spam

I was doing some competitor research the other day and while I was searching the competitors domain in Google I found many serps that included pages from multiple website stats packages.

Clicking through it was obvious that these sites were victim of referrer spam. With links to porn and gambling sites. Sites like these exploit the stats package to generate backlinks to their site for free and without the site owner knowing about it.

If you are running some server stats package be sure to restrict access to the folder containing these stats. It doesn’t look good if your domain is associated with these bad neighbourhoods

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How to get wealthy only to appeal to an incredible number of Robux at Roblox playing Cheats

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Select the device:

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To form profit right from sponsors

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Guard networking

Roblox Hack

Roblox Cheats. Here are a few Roblox Cheats for which players might use to try and win Tix

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Google AdWords All Messed Up

Sometimes people get the fundamentals of keyword insertion so wrong when creating ads for google adwords. I have seen this done a few times, usually it is because the dynamic keyword insertion hasn’t been implemented correctly. AdWords done wrongThis is such a bad look. Especially when you get some high profile site such as The good thing about this is it makes the rest of us look good. 🙂

Another fundamental issue that I see all the time is when the display url isn’t consistant with the destination page. This here is going to catch so many people out when Google update their display URL policy on April the 1st.

Sometimes the little things count for so much.

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Troubles of an Internet Marketer

As an internet marketer, we all know the internet doesn’t stop, there is always something for us to do. Like keeping up with developments, setting up campaigns, tracking roi’s, traffic & more. All this sort of stuff feeds our determination to keep moving forward. This leads getting better results and as a result feel successful in the work that we have taken part in.

However on the flip side is the effect this addiction has on family. The balance between work and family can be one of the most difficult things to overcome.

Here’s a few tips to help through the tough times of trying to balance after hours family and work time:

  1. Schedule family time
    Sometimes we get cought up in what we are doing and forget about spending some much needed time with our families. Schedule movie nights, times to go for a walk or may be even dinner somewhere nice 🙂
  2. Communicate
    Communicate with your partner to prepare her for some specific project that you’re working on and the amount of after hours time that this will take.
  3. Sympathise
    Stand back and think about how your partner might be feeling.
  4. Most importantly create time to spend with your family
    Even if it’s half an hour when you get home from the office, or an hour round dinner time. This can make the difference.

It can be hard to keep up with everything but be sure you think of your loved ones and spend some quality time together.

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5 Things I Would Like To See In Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics quite a bit over a number of sites. But there’s some things I would like to see:

  1. Weekly, monthly and yearly trends rather than the current daily trends.
  2. Site performance stats such as page load times and server uptime
  3. Multi path funnels
  4. Search bot stats
  5. Real time stats

I’m sure theres more, feel free to add any others in the comments


Tips On Identifying SEO Spammers

I received an email the other day from a company trying to sell SEO to me for my blog.

Of course this email got flagged as spam as it was obvious to me that they were trying to make business by spamming website owners with an offer. Basically they would only get paid by me if I get results.

If I were ignorant I guess this may have been enticing. However I am not.

For those that haven’t got a clue and think the offer in the email is for you, here’s a few tips:

  • Don’t trust any email that you don’t know the company that is sending it to you
  • Check their website
    • The on-page optimisation used
    • Pagerank
  • Check their clients & examples of work and results
  • Finally just be wary.

From the email that I got here’s a few things that I picked up on:

  • Firstly their domain… What sort of SEO company would use such a domain.
  • Next they referenced everything to This is a sure sign they don’t know you and are running through some automated emailing script
  • Then there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom pointing to a completely different url. Why would I unsubscribe to something that I didn’t subscribe to.
  • Lastly their site…yes I took a look at their site, mainly for this post. But hey it’s a doosy. Very spammy and now checking again the site is not up.

Be careful out there, theres nothing worse than getting ripped off


Does Google Love You?

How can you tell how well Google likes your site?

I use these 3 quick indicators to assess how Google see’s your site. Especially useful when starting out optimising a website.

Pages Indexed

A simple Google search will instantly give you an indication of how well your site is recieved by Google.

Depending on the nature of the site and the actual number of pages contained on the site, the closer the number of pages contained within googles index and the actual number of pages on the site the better. This shows the extent of the information on the site that Google has reached.

Cache Date

I always use the homepage as an indicator here. After doing a site seach click on the cached link below your homepage result. This will bring up Googles cache of your homepage. This shows us the latest date that Google had cached the homepage.


The most basic and easily accessible piece of information from google. Looking at the Google pagerank contained in the Google toolbar gives an indication of link popularity to the page being viewed.


Using these indicators can give you an indication of how your site compares to others and which area’s are either doing well or that need to be worked on to better your site and Googles relationship

How do you compare? I’m interested to hear your views, feel free to post comments on your experience


Google Webmaster Tools New Functionality

With the release of some new functionality in Google Webmaster Tools I had to check it out. If found there to be some very useful information.

  • You can now see issues regarding issues with title tags or descriptions. From indicating on long/short tags, missing or duplicate. Basically saving you time on checking these yourself.
  • We can also see more information on the xml sitemap, from telling you the number of urls in the sitemap through to the number of pages indexed from the sitemap. Very valueable information for any SEO

I’m interested in seeing whats next on the cards for Google Webmaster Tools

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