5 Things I Would Like To See In Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics quite a bit over a number of sites. But there’s some things I would like to see:

  1. Weekly, monthly and yearly trends rather than the current daily trends.
  2. Site performance stats such as page load times and server uptime
  3. Multi path funnels
  4. Search bot stats
  5. Real time stats

I’m sure theres more, feel free to add any others in the comments


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  • dwayne Says:

    You took the words out of my mouth- great original post!
    I go on at 5 am each day and have been known to wait till midnight to see the next days audience click in.


  • Local SEO Guide Says:

    I often find myself wanting to slice and dice the data in different ways. For example when you are comparing keyword referrals from two different time periods I think the results are ordered by the largest referrer in the most recent time period. I’d like to be able to resort the results by largest increase or by largest decrease.

  • Colin King Says:

    Good list! One that I would like to add is traffic sources and quantities per page or posting

  • Dito Says:

    Real time stats for sure!

    I would like to see Google Webmaster integrated with Analytics as well

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