Yahoo Searchscan and Your Business

Yahoo has teamed up with McAfee setup searchscan and displays information within the search results.

Now from a user point of view this is a good thing, it adds an extra safety net to their everyday internet usage. Making the end user aware of any issues regarding a particular search result.

When it comes business, its another precaution step that you take for your everyday workings. You need to make sure that you don’t get flagged within these results, especially when the reason is to do with your business and the services offered. (see image below)

Yahoo Seo Search

If you’re wanting to check your own website you can go to McAfee Siteadvisor and perform an analysis report like this one for

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  • Aidan Says:

    I noticed this some months ago (about a particular nz seo) on site advisor and wasn’t sure if I should say something…

  • Richard Says:

    Same here, I just didn’t have time to write a post. Found 5 minutes this morning. Not a good look for them really.

  • Mr K Says:

    is this where I say “Me to” .. well after Rich pointed it out to me.

    Shows you what a sad state of affairs NZ’s seo market is in!!

  • Aidan Says:

    No not a good look at all.
    Dude you should make time to post – Your right Mr K, SEO is pretty lame in NZ. Could do with a bit of noise (quality noise)

  • Richard Says:

    Soooo…it looks like we have a topic of discussion. SEO in NZ. The good, the bad and the ugly.
    I will try to find some time to write this up… its bound to be interesting

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