NZ SEO – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Following the comments from my post yesterday. I have been thinking about how to structure my shakeup of SEO in New Zealand. I want to be sure I don’t step on anyones toes, nor do I want to post some basic boring post that I wouldn’t want to read myself.

Here’s the plan.

Over the next few days i’m going to do an individual post for Good SEO, Bad SEO and Ugly SEO in NZ.

  • Good SEO
    Examples of plain run of the mill whitehat SEO that gets good results and respect from search engines.
  • Bad SEO
    Examples of sites with no thought about SEO whatsoever.
  • Ugly SEO
    Examples of implementation of spammy blackhat optimisation.

The purpose of these posts will be to enlighten readers of the state of SEO in New Zealand. I hope that no one takes offense.

I look forward to reading the comments.

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  • Mr K Says:

    Ahh screw the toes – just write the artcile good and proper. (it’s not like anyone will read it .. we at least not … umm Me 🙂 – oh wait I am reading it)

    SEO is open for debate, and it’s about time someone had the balls to say 99% of ALL seo in this country is crap & too many of the “exp….okay I’ll shut up now

  • Aidan Says:

    “99% of ALL seo in this country is crap”

    Dude thats a pretty bold statement ain’t it? Do you know 99% of the NZ SEO’s and all the projects they have worked on?

    But we all do agree here that that New Zealand’s standards are pretty sh*t.

    Definately looking forward to these articles and will do my bit to make sure they are heard.

  • Mr K Says:

    Actually .. yeah I do know all of NZ’s seo guys and the pro…oh wait .. no I don’t.

    But look at our leading (and not so leading) sites … most of them have crap SEO, and some of our public SEO figures actively advicate dodgy gray & black hat ideas.

    So .. bring on these articles lets see what Rich has to say

  • Justin Says:

    I’ve seen some shockers in NZ claiming to do SEO that are failing the basics.

  • Thalia Refazo Says:

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  • Tyrone Says:

    More post please! you are leaving a poor old man hungry for more :[

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