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NZ SEO – The Good

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Following my previous post about my plan for NZ SEO – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

This post has been the most difficult for me. Having to start over and over again, which is one of the reasons why this has taken so long to do.

“Good SEO” is up for interpretation. Over the last few years content management systems have become more search engine friendly and means it’s possible to have a well “on page” optimised site quickly and easily. What we usually see is a select handful of sites in their own niche dominate groups of searches for their niche.

On top of all that I consider results/performance as being a major factor in determining the success of a sites SEO. From a percentage of sales referred from organic search engine traffic, or the number of visitors received from organic search results.

Anyway as Google places more emphasis on local websites when searching in NZ, here’s something that’s of interest:


As NZ’s most popular site it was hard to overlook Trademe.  Now I am not using trademe as the perfect example, because to be honest like most sites theres room for improvement. But one thing you come to notice about trademe is the reach that it has in search engines. Performing many searches in Google can bring trademe up in the serps. From a user point of view, trademe is used to buy new and used goods easily via an auction process. Many of the serp listings are for products that have been put up for auction, a big problem as most of these product results are expired/dated listings.

In the upcoming bad and ugly posts, it’s hopefully going to be a bit easier to nail out.

Feel free to spin your view on any Good examples of SEO in New Zealand.

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NZ SEO – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Following the comments from my post yesterday. I have been thinking about how to structure my shakeup of SEO in New Zealand. I want to be sure I don’t step on anyones toes, nor do I want to post some basic boring post that I wouldn’t want to read myself.

Here’s the plan.

Over the next few days i’m going to do an individual post for Good SEO, Bad SEO and Ugly SEO in NZ.

  • Good SEO
    Examples of plain run of the mill whitehat SEO that gets good results and respect from search engines.
  • Bad SEO
    Examples of sites with no thought about SEO whatsoever.
  • Ugly SEO
    Examples of implementation of spammy blackhat optimisation.

The purpose of these posts will be to enlighten readers of the state of SEO in New Zealand. I hope that no one takes offense.

I look forward to reading the comments.

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Does Google Love You?

Monday, January 21st, 2008

How can you tell how well Google likes your site?

I use these 3 quick indicators to assess how Google see’s your site. Especially useful when starting out optimising a website.

Pages Indexed

A simple Google search will instantly give you an indication of how well your site is recieved by Google.


Depending on the nature of the site and the actual number of pages contained on the site, the closer the number of pages contained within googles index and the actual number of pages on the site the better. This shows the extent of the information on the site that Google has reached.

Cache Date

I always use the homepage as an indicator here. After doing a site seach click on the cached link below your homepage result. This will bring up Googles cache of your homepage. This shows us the latest date that Google had cached the homepage.


The most basic and easily accessible piece of information from google. Looking at the Google pagerank contained in the Google toolbar gives an indication of link popularity to the page being viewed.


Using these indicators can give you an indication of how your site compares to others and which area’s are either doing well or that need to be worked on to better your site and Googles relationship

How do you compare? I’m interested to hear your views, feel free to post comments on your experience

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Google Sitelinks – New and Improved

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

For sites lucky enough to have sitelinks in Google. I found this interesting article.

For those that don’t know. Sitelinks are links that show up below a listing when a site name is searched. Like this search. Unfortunately this only happens for some sites and the links only show up if Google identifies important pages through their algorithm.

Anyway recently Google increased the number of links from 4 to 8, what that means for sites that have these links is more exposure, more chances people are going to land on the different pages when performing the search.

But what happens if the links they identified are not in your site or visitors best interest?

Well Google has released a tool in google webmaster tools that allows you to block links from showing. This will help you to improve these links.

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Introduction to the webhelp blog

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Hi all,

This is my first post on what will be an ever extending list of posts.

I will be covering many of the current issues seen on herpes transmission the net. Mainly looking at seo, paid search, social networking and everything else clash royale hack 2017 android about promoting your site or gathering important information



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