Event Tracking Reports without Beta Test Activation in Google Analytics

Looking into Event Tracking through Google Analytics opens the doors for some very unique and very cool new features. However, Event Tracking is still in beta and only available through only a select few accounts. Making testing & implementation recommendations difficult. However there is a way around this by simply manually adjusting the url when viewing reports.

Tracking Code Implementation

Firstly, implement the event tracking code on events within you site. When deciding on what actions to track, the skys the limit. From tracking lightbox triggers, external links and actions within a flash file. Event tracking can be made to fit a number of required tracking metrics.

Now To view the reporting here’s what you need to do: 

  1.  Login to analytics and view the dashboard of the account that you want to view the event reports on
  2. View a specific report, such as the “traffic source” report
  3. Modifying the start of the url to: https://www.google.com/analytics/reporting/events followed by the string of variables. As below:

Event Tracking Report Url

now you can view all the tracked events…

Event Tracking Report

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  • bruce Says:

    thanks for that ….

    in firefox its really hard to read while writing a comment.

    also…. if you add the report to your dashboard … you can always view it without having to change the url each time

  • Richard Says:

    Good Tip! add it to your dashboard. Thanks Bruce

    Will look to sort the comment problem. Sorry about that

  • Daniel Says:

    Very useful! I have event tracking enabled in one profile, but it was missing for a test profile I created. Thanks to you I got to see test results anyway. Thanks for the info.

  • carson Says:

    i can’t believe this is working. but it does

  • joe Says:

    Awesome! Thanks. Works like a charm.

  • Michael Says:

    Thanks for this, saved me a packet as I was willing to pay for a solution which would allow me track my video views

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