Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO), the art of increase search engine ranking, exposure and visitors. We pride ourselves on an in depth approach that’s built on years of experience with some of New Zealand’s biggest online players including: NZ Herald, Sella, Finda and Yellow.

From making your site relevant to the ideal keywords that align themselves to your content, expansion into other key markets and improving your search engine reach through technical principles.

If you’re in need of a decent boost of organic search traffic and response for your website, contact us and let us know you’re after some help.

SEO for New Sites

Incorporating SEO strategies and principals in the planning stages for a site allows for maximising the usability of the website for searchers and search engines. It also prevents the conflict some aspects of design and coding could have with current best practise SEO techniques. But recently launched sites can be reviewed and areas were additional SEO principals can be utilised for the benefit of increasing usability and traffic recommended.

SEO for Existing Sites

For sites that have been launched and are looking for a SEO review or noticed are missing out on search engine traffic, have the opportunity to be analysed and tailor made plans suggested. Simple changes can sometimes be the most effective and could be preventing sites from maximising their SEO efforts.

SEO for Site Changes

We can conduct careful reviews prior to site changes and prepare a comprehensive plan to ensure that the search engines and visitors do not get lost in your new site. If you have already conducted a site change and search engine traffic dropped off, we can conduct a site search engine health check to find out the reasons and the requirements to bring the traffic levels back.

If you are interested increasing search engine traffic levels to your site, be it new, existing or planning for change talk to the us. We only use above board and “white hat” techniques to ensure on going long term benefits and the safety of not being penalised by search engines by deceptive tactics.