Affiliate & Social Media Marketing

Affiliate & Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing is becoming an important channel for brands to communicate and build relationships with consumers. This is because consumers are increasingly expecting brands to engage with them via social media when desired.

Utilising affiliates provides opportunities for advertising your brand beyond current levels and in new areas. There are techniques and strategy that can be followed to ensure that you are receiving maximum exposure and avoiding the pitfalls of managing affiliate programs.

Time Investment

Social media marketing and other forms of online engagement require significant time investment, without accurate tracking, could be un-rewarding. Using our expertise we can set up systems and processes to ensure that managing your online brand reputation is easy and rewards can be attributed to the investment. We have helped major online players reduce their current costs with social media marketing and with build up their brands to capitalise on emerging social media trends.

Social Media Strategy

Sending mixed messages through social media to consumers negatively impacts the relationship and confuses consumers. Developing clear goals and objectives helps increase the clarity in the conversations. Using our experience we can develop an engaging strategy for your business to help you communicate effectively and efficiently with your consumers across a range of social media platforms.


Consumers expect instant gratification and being able to answer questions or complete purchases instantly is an expectation. While you learn to understand your network and how to interact in the relationship, there could be a lot of opportunities that get missed.  If you are planning to use social media marketing ensure you have a strategy in place to capitalise from the start on the opportunities this medium presents to your business.

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