3deals.co.nz – How not to launch your site

A little while ago I signed up to recieve emails from 3deals.co.nz  – a 1-day.co.nz competitor. 

Anyway like the early days of 1-day, 3deals has fallen short. Either the servers not responding and dishing up a 404 error page or the page is not there so returning a 404. 



Things you should do:


  1. Make sure you can handle the influx of traffic. Majority of it is going to hit straight away
  2. Make sure your site works!

BTW: Awesome thanks, now that the site loaded, i’ve missed out on getting an iPod for $1. Hopefully the site holds up better tomorrow.

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  • shanel Says:

    Real bummer, I tried to get an iPod for $1 and also missed out. I guess there must of been a lot of traffic that they didn’t expect and caused their servers to fail. Anyway got some Perfume for an awesome price so pretty happy! I too hope their site holds up tomorrow, maybe $1 iPods again!!!

  • Richard Says:

    Yeah indeed, fingers crossed these are teething problems and only short lived. Still could be a good addition to my 12 o’clock browsing. However the lack of contact details / personal aspect could give a bit of doubt.

  • jess green Says:

    Nice post, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on your blog for more updates.

  • Eric Says:

    hey, http://www.crazysales.co.nz is also good, 3 crazy deals a day.

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