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Google Service Updates – Reviewed

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Google, Inc.Image via WikipediaA lot has happened with a number of Google services over last few weeks, i’ve summarised them below:

Google SearchWiki

To my frustration, Google launched SearchWiki. Allowing Google users to re-rank and comment on  search results. The frustration comes with automatically opting in everyone that is logged in when searching, with no ability to turn off the extra visual aspects now cluttering up the search results.

Google Analytics Update

Some great new Analytics features rolled out in this update. Personally I particularily like the advanced segmentation, allowing more detailed reports on specific areas of the site, specific referers and more. Love that! One thing that seems a bit buggy is the account screen when you just log in. I’ve got access to multiple accounts, navigating to additional account pages doesn’t seem work.

Google AdWords Update

A couple of interesting updates for AdWords.

  • Quality score improvements, where the quality score is calculated at time of the search. This for me have helped the accounts managed to get higher placement, higher click through rates and higher number of clicks. All this without increasing cost per clicks.
  • A new search based keyword tool was launched. This tool seems pretty sweet! and can help to identify additional keywords that is relevant to your sites content also allows running some competitor analysis.
  • Display ad builder allows you to create image ads online and run on the content network.

Ok, the floors all yours, go on…  leave a comment or two on your experience on these new changes.

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Google AdWords Budget Suggestion

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

With it being the start of another month, I took some time this morning to review the daily adwords budgets for my client accounts.

In the past I have disregarded the suggested daily budgets as they are usually off the mark when it comes to client budgets and expectations. Anyway this morning I clicked the view recommended budget for one of my client adwords accounts and I was pleasantly surprised with the page being displayed. It is quite a bit different from the expected text “increasing your daily budget to $xxx.xx will result in xx% more impressions.

Now you’re prompted with a cool graphical representation of how your daily budget would have effected the performance over the last 15 days.

Google AdWords Budget Suggestion

Very cool!

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Google AdWords Display URL Policy Hasn’t Taken Effect…yet

Friday, April 4th, 2008

According to Google the change in display URL policy was meant to come into effect on the 1st of April 2008. Now its the 4th of April and I am still seeing ads with an invalid display url.

In New Zealand and searching for plumbers

Plumbers AdWords

When clicking through this ad it takes you to “http://sites.yellow.co.nz/site/tricklebanks/

The display url is missing the .nz, allowing them to run multiple ads for the one keyword. This is what the policy change was to eliminate, wasn’t it?

I’d like to hear your views on this.

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Google AdWords All Messed Up

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Sometimes people get the fundamentals of keyword insertion so wrong when creating ads for google adwords. I have seen this done a few times, usually it is because the dynamic keyword insertion hasn’t been implemented correctly.

Compete.com AdWords done wrongThis is such a bad look. Especially when you get some high profile site such as compete.com. The good thing about this is it makes the rest of us look good. 🙂

Another fundamental issue that I see all the time is when the display url isn’t consistant with the destination page. This here is going to catch so many people out when Google update their display URL policy on April the 1st.

Sometimes the little things count for so much.

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8 Valueable Adwords Tips

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

1, Sales, Traffic or?
Define on the purpose of the adwords account. Having a defined goal gives you something to work towards and aid in how you go about things.

2, Track Results
Use website analytics to track the account. This is extremely important as it will show if the goal is being achieved. You should be able to tell which campaigns, adgroups and keywords are your most valueable.

3, Create Tightly Themed Adgroups

Doing so will increase the quality of the ads and help the quality score resulting in lower CPCs and higher placement.

4, Optimise the Destination Page for the Keywords in the Adgroup
Doing the basics of on-page-optimisation will help increase the quality of the ads and help the quality score resulting in lower CPCs and higher placement.

5, Don’t go for top spot
Aiming high is a cause for inflated cost per clicks. My experience shows that being placed around 3-4 give a much better quality of visitor and increases the chances of better ROI.

6, Incorporate a Call to Action
The creative needs to be written in a way to coach potiential customers into completing a goal once the click has been receive.

7, Add Keyword Insertion into the Ad Creatives
The use of keyword insertion helps to increase the click through rate. Increasing the click through rate helps to increase the quality score of the ad.

8, Create Multiple Ad Creatives
Testing variations of ad creative will help you get the best from your campaign. With tracking in place you will be able to make strategic decisions on which creative is working best based on results.

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