Google Latest Site Links

Looks like google is playing with the idea of using latest posts as sitelinks
new google site links

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  • Mr K Says:

    You suck, how come I don’t see these? I can’t do anything to get these to show for me

  • Richard Says:

    not sure, seeing these for the first time this morning.
    For NZ Herald it takes the search this site option away.

  • Links Roundup - July 29th 2008 Says:

    […] Google Latest Site Links […]

  • Jordan Says:

    This is a very interesting change for Google. I wonder how this will impact SEO.

  • Keyclicks Says:

    This is an interesting and useful article on the subject of Google Sitelinks. I found it useful I must admit. Our site has achieved the holy grail of Sitelinks however I couldn’t say it’s made that much of a difference to our traffic levels. However it looks good in the SERPS though. Another blog post on the same subject called What are Google Sitelinks? may be of use to your blog readers as well.

  • James Says:

    Definately interesting. Google’s #1 goal is to provide users with the most relevant information possible. This could be another step in that direction.

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